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The Families of Tehidy House, Cornwall

Francis Basset (1674-1721) & Mary Pendarves
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People who have lived at Tehidy since the mansion was built.

Tehidy Lake
Began building manor house in 1734, including creation of the ponds and addition of cascades to the river.
1713 - 19 September 1739

John Pendarves Basset

He married Ann Prideaux (b. 1718) and they had one son, John Prideaux Basset, born in 1740 - a few months after John Pendarves had died in 1739.  Their son died while away at school in Eton, age 16, so Tehidy passed to...


Ann Prideaux


Assuming that Tehidy would be inherited by his nephew, Francis developed another estate - Evenley Hall in Northamptonshire  - where he lived.  When John Prideaux died, Francis shared his time between both places, eventually selling Evenley around 1783.  

Helped to complete the restoration of Tehidy House begun by his brother.  
His eldest son inherited Tehidy on his death.
Francis Basset
1714 - 1769

Margaret Aubyn

Died while away at school at Eton in 1756, age 16.  Tehidy House passed to his uncle:

John Prideaux Basset

born posthumously in 1740

...and 5 sisters, born between 1758 - 1766

Susanah Hippesley-Coxe

S_monument view.jpg

Became Lord de Dunstanville in 1796, after leading Cornish miners to defend the coast from Franco-Spanish fleets during the American Civil War.  A monument to him was erected on Carn Brea after his death, and is a major local landmark.

Tehidy House was inherited by his daughter; other parts of the estate went to John Basset

Francis Basset


John was the Rector of Illogan and Camborne, though he seems to have suffered with his mental health: he spent 16 years in an asylum.  

John Basset



Church Road Girls School_edited.jpg
Lady Basset was a prolific benefactor of buildings to the area local to Tehidy Manor

Lady Frances Basset

1781 - 1855

Upon Lady Basset's Death, Tehidy House passed to her cousin's eldest son



John was interested in mining-technology, and seems to have travelled in Europe looking to source ideas that may help the mines in Cornwall. Sadly, he seemed to suffer with his mental health, and ended his life while on a trip to Germany in 1843.  His eldest son inherited his portion of the estate, and moved to Tehidy House when Lady Basset died.

John Basset

Arthur Basset suffered with his mental health, and only lived at Tehidy House for a year before he ended his own life in 1870.


Arthur Basset
1833 - 1870

Emily Prendegast

Walter St Aubyn Basset
1835 - 




Gustavus Basset suffered with ill-health, and was a wheel-chair user in his later years.  He donated bells to Trevenson Chapel, amongst other donations. He died relatively young, aged only 54, and Tehidy House passed to his son, Arthur.  

Supporter of mining education in general, and CSM in particular. 

Lambert Basset
1834 - 1888

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Moved to Tehidy House in 1855. Refurbished and enlarged the House.

Francis extended Tehidy House considerably, but this made it very expensive to run for future generations.  Francis had no children, so on his death the House passed to his brother...

John Francis Basset
1831 - 1869

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Tehidy and the Bassets - Micheal Tangye (book, published 1985)
Arthur Basset laid the foundation stone for the Reading Institute on Stations Road, pool, when he was 5 years old.

The only child of Gustavus Basset, he inherited Tehidy in 1888.

Arthur Francis Basset
1873 - 1950

Rising costs of running the Tehidy estate, coupled with the reduction in metal prices after WW1 (so reduced revenue from the mines) and Arthur Bassets expenditure on gambling on horse-racing, led to the sale of Tehidy House in 1915.  

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