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Locations of minerals in the Carne Collection

A total of 804 minerals were listed on a spreadsheet received from the Sedgewick Museum, constituting the known minerals from the Carne Collection, purchased by the Sedgewick Museum, Cambridge, in 1899.


Many of the samples did not have a locality associated with them, so could not be plotted. These are the 200 samples - excluding those from Cornwall - that did have locations given. 

Please note that some locations are specific - a town or named mine - whereas others are only located by country i.e. Australia. In this latter case, the point plotted by Google Maps may be in the centre of that country. Check detail of individual points to see this information. 

A separate map, showing the locations of samples from Cornwall - where specific locations are mentioned - is in preparation.

Travels of Elizabeth Carne 

Scilly Isles - front cover of sketchbook.jpg

The map above is compiled from the dated sketches in three of Elizabeth Carne's

sketchbooks, held at Kresen Kernow, Redruth.  Elizabeth was careful to almost always date and locate the sketches she made; perhaps a habit transferred from keeping geological notebooks, where this is the accepted best practice.  

Of course, it isn't possible to say if this is an exhaustive compilation of places Elizabeth visited; I haven't (yet) had chance to view her conchology records at the Morrab Library (Penzance; these may add more detail to the record of her experiences.  

Scilly Isles Map - frontspeice to book.jpg

Above: cover of, and below:  frontispiece map of, one of Elizabeth's sketchbooks - this one from the Isles of Scilly.

Some of Elizabeth Carne's sketches

Islands round Venice from the Jews burying ground on the Lido   March 19, 1840
Berne from the West
Baths of Lucca
The Rialto, Venice
Scilly Old Church at St Mary's & Carn Lay In 1832
Castle of Salzburg 11C. & houses with open frontage
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