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Environmental Information

Enviro Logo

Carbon Offset

Though we try to minimise the amount of driving we do, by taking the most fuel-efficient routes, we also offset the fuel we use for travelling by making a donation to a local organisation - Moor Trees - which is planting native species of broadleaf tree in the Dartmoor area.

This organisation has been established since 1999, and are working to create more extensive areas of woodland that can capture carbon, resist soil erosion, and enlarge habitats for native flora and fauna.  

So our travel is carbon-neutral, and there's more space for nature!

Carbon Offset

Local Journeys

We live in Cornwall, and we know Cornwall really well - though there are always new places to discover!


We'll use the most efficient route we can, so we can charge you a reasonable amount for the distance we travel. 

When roads are busy here - in the summer months - we'll travel earlier or later in the day to avoid pollution-generating traffic jams.


Local Places & People


We want to help the local churches look after the beautiful green spaces, in which so much wildlife thrives. 

For each delivery we make to a churchyard, we will give a £1 donation to the funds of that church.

If the destination of the delivery is in a Council-maintained crematorium or burial ground, we will send the £1 donation to Cornwall Hospice Care, to support the wonderful work they do for the community in Cornwall.  

Local Journeys

Litter picking

There is nothing less slightly than litter strewn around what should be a peaceful and calm oasis...the rustle of discarded crisp packets is not attractive! And it can be bad news for wildlife.

So, whenever we come across litter of any type in the churchyards and crematoria that we visit, be sure that we will pick it up, and either place it in the nearest bin or, if appropriate, pop it in the recycling at the earliest opportunity!


Good riddance to bad rubbish! 

Litter Picking
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