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Treswithian Downs

In between the October showers, I made my way to Treswithian Downs crematorium, under a dappled blue and grey clouded sky. Some of the fluffy clouds seemed so low they were touching the ground, and yet peaceful blue peeped out in between. Typical Cornish weather!

Just as I turned in to the drive of the cemetery, a sharp shower came, and I waited for a few moments before getting out the car. When I did, I was greeted by the clean smell after rain, and a shaft of sunlight pervading the leafless trees just to the west of the site.

The location of the plaque for Dan had been well-described on the order form, and it was easy to locate the dark grey granite plate with gold lettering. It was fairly clean already - rain-washed, I would assume! - but I gave it a clean with a little soap and water to freshen up the edges of the lettering. A few white chrysanthemums were already here, though rather damaged, so I took them out, rinsed and refilled the vase with fresh water, and replaced the ones with some vigour still remaining, before adding the pink chrysanthemums I had brought with me.

Here at the top of the site, there are beautiful views looking out across the nearby valley, but it can get quite windy. To create a more weather-resilient display, I cut the stems of the chrysanthemum a little shorter than usual, hoping it would help them to withstand any high winds. The smell of the cut flowers mingled with those set on nearby sites, and made for a very pleasant fragrance.

Many of the other plaques near here have mementos left at them - fresh or artificial flowers, painted stones or ceramic tablets with epitaphs on - and the overall impression is of an often-visited location, holding memories of many local people still lovingly remembered.

It was a pleasure to visit the plaque commemorating Dan, and fill the vase here with fresh flowers, which I hope will last for several weeks. If I come past this way any time soon, I'll pop by to check the water level and tidy up the blooms if needed.

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