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Exploring Stories at St Day Road Cemetery, Redruth

The edge-of-urban setting of St Day Road cemetery - Redruth to the north, south and west, and open fields to the east towards St Day - gives it a rather special feel: history juxtaposed with the present-day, as a maze of paths through the headstones allow local dog-walkers to spend a few minutes away from the racing traffic.

At the centre of the space is a derelict chapel of rest, built in 1878, when the burial-ground opened. The oldest burials are at the southern end of the space, and an overall decrease in the height and intricacy of the headstones from south to north may reflect the decreasing wealth of the area as mine closures accelerated before and after the First World War.

I have often walked through here en route 'to' or 'from', and have researched a handful of the names on headstones I have lingered near. Follow the link below to explore some of the stories I've researched.

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