After our visit...
Before our visit...

Killivose Cemetery

There was light rain and no other people when I arrived at Killivose just after lunch on Saturday... What a relief to turn in to the gates of the cemetery and escape from the racing cars on the road out of Camborne!

The cemetery was looking very peaceful in the soft autumn light, edged by the subtle changes of tree colours; so far the temperatures here in Cornwall have been rather mild, though some bouts of strong winds have brought down many leaves that are still green. A sweeper had been through recently, it would seem, as the roads around the headstones were clear.

I went first up to the resting place of Joyce and George. The pot of the pot-plant I took there several months ago was still there, along with a small shrub in a pot which had fallen over, and a stem of artificial flowers which must have been taken by neighbours in the intervening time. I removed the pot, and gave the headstone a wash down with clean water, before emptying the stagnant water from the flower pot and refilling it with fresh water for the chrysanthemums I'd taken along. I watered the little shrub, too, and set it back in place.

Then I moved over a little to the resting place of Dan and Sheila. The broken plant pot here is one left from my last visit.
The grid from the top of one flower holder had fallen down the back of the headstone.

The black lettering here, particularly that for Sheila's name, seems to have been adversely affected by the weather - some letters have very little black colour left. The beautiful stone cross is growing quite a covering of lichen, particularly across the top, but I thought it looked quite nice, so didn't try to remove it when I rinsed the headstone. Having removed the damaged pot, I rinsed out the flower holders and used them for the fresh flowers I'd brought along: a mixture of white chrysanthemums and what I think were purple asters ;-), along with a few slightly green-dyed chrysanthemums, which gave a nice contrast with the purple!

Such a peaceful location here - a pleasure to spend 20 minutes amidst the sounds of birdsong and the smell of freshly cut stems. Then, the return to the busy road, which feels a world away from the natural setting here.